We recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise vital funds for our current tour. We’re so pleased to say we exceeded our target, which was a fantastic feeling! We wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us through donating, sharing our page and being fabulous.


Tracy Hawley
Cathy Mason
Tim Griffiths
Peter Brown
Kari & Jonathan Hawley
Tia Natalie Hancy
Vicky Crocker
Andrea Bloomfield
Fleur Hoefkens-Lee
Deborah Kendrick
Rag and Bone Arts
Matthew Hawley
Clare Brown
Richard Euston
Sam & Debbie Brown
Laura Andrews
Sian Carter
Alex Hawley
Alex Gaskell
Julie and Mick Antysz
Harriet Brown
Dominic Brown
Steven Doran
Stacie Bee
Rosie Brown
Josh Slater
Amba Potter
Amie West
Lucy Antysz
Ed Antysz
Verity Hawley
Dom Carter
Cliff Hope
Chloe Bishop
Sophie Erin Cooper
Nicola Johnson
Sara Palin
Hannah Pickett
Cat Palmer
Charlotte Clarke
Phil Makepeace