New for 2019, TREASURE is a fearless and physical contemporary dance work that delves deep into our past, exploring our innate and powerful relationship to the sea.
Marine fossils transport us to a distant world of ancient creatures, fighting for survival in a strange and volatile environment. Human curiosity leads us to collect these fragile fossils, keeping their stories safe for the future. But are they simply keepsakes, reflections of our own memories, or a warning for what lies ahead?
In an uncertain environment where resources are pushed to the brink and marine life faces new challenges every day, Treasure is a defiantly positive dance performance that celebrates the beauty and mystery of the sea.

“Beautiful and captivating choreography with such quality of movement and attention to detail. A stirring and lifting performance.” 

“Amazing performance, wonderful music”

Supported by Arts Council England and Bath Dance



11 & 12 March – The Mission Theatre, Bath GET TICKETS

2 May – The Acorn, Penzance GET TICKETS

10 May – Strode Theatre, Street GET TICKETS



A brother and sister gaze at the stars, and change how we see the universe.

Dance, music and science collide in an uplifting new work inspired by astronomers William and Caroline Herschel.

Lina is a new contemporary dance duet by Forged Line Dance Company, exploring the lives and obsessions of brother and sister William and Caroline Herschel. Both talented musicians and celebrated astronomers, they studied the universe and mapped the stars from their garden in 18th Century Bath.

Lina delves into the caring yet complex relationship between William and Caroline, where family ties are tested by individual ambition. Featuring an original soundtrack by Emma Holbrook incorporating music by William Herschel, this intimate and emotionally charged yet playful duet is inspired by themes of creativity, invention and frustration that shaped their extraordinary story.

Powerful and genuinely moving… this was the performance of two exceptionally talented dancers, delivering a choreographic narrative of tangible beauty and humanity  Bathcast


Astronomy, wonderful choreography and beautiful original music, all wrapped up in a captivating performance with moments of real joy and tenderness. I loved it! Audience feedback

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